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The Conservation Bond Program became known as the "Question 1 Program" when the Proposal to Issue Bonds for Conservation and Resource Protection under Assembly Bill No. 9 of the 17the Special Session appeared number 1 on the State of Nevada voter’s ballot. Nevada voters passed Question 1, thereby authorizing the State of Nevada to issue general obligation bonds in an amount not to exceed $200 million

"…to preserve water quality; protect open space, lakes, rivers, wetlands, and wildlife habitat; and restore and improve parks, recreational areas, and historic and cultural resources."

Of the total bond issue, $65.5 million was provided to the Nevada Division of State Lands to provide grants for state agencies, local governments, or qualifying private nonprofit organizations for various programs including:

  • Recreational Trails

  • Urban Parks

  • Habitat Conservation Plans

  • Open Space Plans

  • Acquisition of Land & Water*

  • Carson River Corridor

  • Lake Tahoe Path System

      *Related to resource protection.

Grants have been awarded to counties, municipalities, state agencies, and non-profit conservation organizations for the purpose of protecting, preserving, and obtaining the benefits of the property and natural resources of the State of Nevada.    Because funding through this program is limited, allocation of these funds are competitively determined. 

Technical Advisory Groups will review grant proposals and make recommendations regarding grant awards to the Administrator.  Recommendations will be based predominantly on the project's ability to conserve and protect natural, scientific, cultural, archaeological., agricultural, paleontological, historical, wetland, or riparian resources, and; the project's ability to benefit the public towards an overall advancement in the conservation and protection of the natural resources of the state, an enhancement of recreational opportunities, increased public access to lands and waters, and the achievement of  goals identified in adopted open space plans. 

Based on all information received, the State Lands Administrator will make a final determination of projects to be funded.  Projects that will achieve multiple purposes, leverage additional funding sources, and that are integrated with other existing projects (of the types describe above) are encouraged. Matching contributions of between 5 percent and 50 are required, depending upon project type. 

For more information on the grant application process, please contact the The Nevada Division of State Lands at (775) 684-2720.

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