Greil Ranch Permanent Conservation Easement


Non-Profit Land and Water Acquisition - 133 acres


Alicia M. Reban, CFRE / Nevada Land Conservancy

Project Locations

East Lake Blvd, Washoe Valley / Washoe County (See Map)

Project Cost

Total acquisition cost: $460,000

Grant Amount Requested: $230,000
Grant Amount Awarded: $230,000

Project Description: The purpose of the project is to acquire a conservation easement on the historic Greil Ranch located in Washoe Valley, east of Washoe Lake.  The easement (which will cover the entire property) will attain the interests in land and water to protect and enhance the natural resources of the state, maintain open space, preserve scenic views, and potentially provide recreational access to bordering public lands.  Note that the conservation easement would not allow public access to or through the property unless amended in the future.

 The ranch is surrounded by Bureau of Land Management (BLM), Washoe Lake State Park, and private land.  The property owner will maintain the ranch’s 113 acres of open space in perpetuity through the conservation easement.  The ranch includes ponds used by waterfowl and other wildlife, and 33 acres of irrigated cropland through a well with water rights in excess of 130 acre/feet annually.  This acreage is used to raise certified weed free alfalfa hay.  The easement would allow these agricultural operations to continue.  The Greil Ranch is the only parcel of private land not targeted for residential development along the entire length of East Lake Blvd.


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