Kirman Field Conservation Easement


Non-Profit Land & Water Acquisition


Laura Crane/The Nature Conservancy
Representative - Laura Crane, Carson River Project Director

Project Location

Douglas County Bently Properties, North of Cradlebaugh Bridge, east of US Highway 395, bisected by the Carson River (See Map)

Grant Amount

Grant Amount Awarded: $750,000

Project Summary: The purpose of the project is to acquire a conservation easement on the Kirman Field property located in Douglas County on the Carson River approximately six miles southeast of Carson City, and six miles north of Minden, NV.  The 1200+ acre property contains 4 miles of the Carson River beginning at Cradlebaugh Bridge to the south, and continuing north to the Carson City County Line.

Purchase of the conservation easement meets the objectives of The Nature Conservancys program to protect and restore critical aquatic and terrestrial habitat on the Carson River and meets Q1 program needs to provide public benefit from the increased recreational and educational opportunities along the Carson River. Many partnerships exist with this project including the Carson Valley Trails Association, the Nevada Department of Wildlife, Douglas County, and the Bureau of Land Management.

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