Swan Lake Boardwalk and Interpretive Path


Co/Muni Recreational Trail - 0.11miles


Dan Holler, County Manager, Douglas County

Project Location

Bill Gardner/Washoe County Dept of Regional Parks and Open Space

Project Cost


Grant Amount Requested: $225,000
Grant Amount Awarded: $225,000

Project Status

Project Completed

Project Description: In 2004 the construction of a pathway from the Lemmon Valley School to the business district was built. The boardwalk is connected to over 9,000 feet of existing trails on the western side of the Swan Lake and is connected to the North Valleys Washoe County Regional Sports Complex by existing path and sidewalk. Funds from Question 1 extends the existing boardwalk to an area where REGIONAL PARKS marsh conditions remain in drought years such as in 2006 and brings people closer to the water fowl using the marsh. Interpretive and open space signage and rest benches are spaced along the boardwalk.


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