State Lands Data as a Map Service

Viewing State Lands Map service in ArcGIS

  1. In ArcGIS 10.x and higher, from the Catalog window, open GIS Servers
  2. Double click on Add ArcGIS Server
  3. Select “Use GIS services”.
  4. For Server URL, enter:
  6. No authentication is required.  Click Finish.
  7. Open the new GIS Server connection named "arcgis on (user)".
  8. Select the NV_StateManagedLands map service and drag it over to the map window.
Map Connection Example

Extracting data using State Lands geodata service in ArcGIS

  1. Add the State Lands map service using the instructions provided above.
  2. In ArcGIS, from the Customize menu, select Toolbars, then select Distributed Geodatabase.
  3. From the Distributed Geodatabase toolbar, click the Extract Data button.
  4. In the Extract Data Wizard window, extract "Data" using the "Geodatabase" option.
  5. Select an existing geodatabase.
  6. Click Next. Then click Finish.
  7. Open the geodatabase where the files were extracted and add the feature classes to your map.