Map of Lands Identified for Disposal

Jun 13, 2018 Statewide

The Nevada Division of State Lands, in coordination with the BLM Nevada State Office, has produced a map that depicts lands identified for disposal, by County, pursuant to adopted BLM Resource Management Plans.

  • If you have questions regarding the BLM data, Please contact the Mapping Section of the BLM Nevada State Office at 775.861.6400.
  • BLM Data is from several sources dating back to the 1980's and may not reflect the current disposal boundaries in all counties.  Some of the lands may have already been disposed by legislation or conveyed to other agencies.

This data has been added to NDSL's webmap. click this link to open the webmap, and then check the box next to the 'BLM Disposal Lands' layer to display the data.