Examples of Issues and Products

The Public Land Policy Update is addressing a wide-range of Nevada public land issues. Examples of these issues are listed below:
 Avoiding the listing of species under the Endangered Species Act and improving the habitat of species of concern through multi-species habitat conservation planning
The Sage Grouse

Photo courtesy of  D. Baccus

 Fast-growing demand for recreation on public lands
 Wildfire planning & management
 Wild horse & burro management
 Regulation of the mining & grazing industries
 Noxious weeds & other invasive species
 Federal land transactions
 Off-highway vehicle management
 The role of state & local governments in federal activities
 Public land access
 Helping local economies dependent on public land resources
 Water Resources
 Recreation and Open Space
 Energy Production
We need your input on the issues listed above, solutions to issues, and any other public lands-related concerns you may have.
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Examples of Products

The Public Land Policy Update will lead to a variety of products. These products will all be designed to help resolve Nevada's public lands issues and are expected to include:

 Proposed state and federal legislation

 New directives for state agencies from the Governor's office, and;

 New collaborative planning groups and cooperative agreements