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The Public Land Policy Update is a project being conducted by the Nevada Governor's office and the Nevada Division of State Lands.

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Statewide Chapter from 1985 Public Land Policy Report

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Project Objectives:

 Identify public land-related issues in Nevada.

 Develop a statewide vision and strong policy voice for our public lands.

 Increase collaboration and dialogue between Federal, State and Local Agencies

 Update the state's public land policies; and

 Define action items needed to implement the policies and help resolve Nevada's many public land issues and challenges.
To learn more about the project, download project documents or submit comments via e-mail, select from the project web page links above.

You can contact the project manager, Skip Canfield, AICP, at: (775) 684-2723. Written comments or questions can be sent to the Nevada Division of State Lands, 901 S. Stewart Street, Suite 5003, Carson City, NV 89701-5246.
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