Background, Process & Schedule
     Nevada last updated its public land policies in a 1985 document titled: "Nevada Statewide Policy Plan for Public Lands." Douglas County Nevada The State's existing public land policies support the management principles of multiple use and sustained yield.

This project will update the statewide policies in the 1985 report, address additional public land issues, and develop a related action plan. For the purpose of this project, public lands are all lands in Nevada managed by federal agencies (about 86% of Nevada).

The updated policies will incorporate the principles of Enlibra. Enlibra is a hybrid Latin word that means "balance and stewardship" and is a doctrine Nevada and other western states are using to help manaClick to expand viewge public lands and other natural resources. Enlibra principles emphasize collaboration and cooperation, are outcome-oriented, and encourage local, "grass-roots" stewardship efforts. Learn more about Enlibra at the Western Governor's Association web site.

The Public Land Policy Update includes an extensive public and agency participation process. County commissioner briefings and  public workshops were held throughout Nevada.