Statewide Chapter from 1985 Report on
Public Land Policies
     In 1985, the Nevada Division of State Lands and the state’s counties and cities completed a report titled: “Nevada Statewide Policy Plan for Public Lands.” Governor Bryan approved the report’s policies in 1986. The first chapter of the report consists of statewide public land policies that are being updated by this project (the Public Land Policy Update). The rest of the report contains policy plans for each of Nevada’s counties. Many of the county policy plans have been updated by individual counties since the 1985 report was completed.

Links for the statewide chapter of the “Nevada Statewide Policy Plan for Public Lands” are found below. The statewide policies in this chapter are summarized on the Existing Public Land Policies web page and in the document referenced on that page.

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 Statewide Chapter from 1985 Report