The State Land Office serves as the "real estate" agency of the State for all agencies except the Legislature, the University system, and the Department of Transportation. The agency holds title to state lands and interests in land. The agency buys land needed by the state and sells excess land. The agency issues leases, easements, permits and other authorizations for the use of state land. The land office also keeps records of all lands that have ever been owned by the State, and provides land records information upon request.  Use the link below to view a summary of lands by county and assigned agency.

Inventory of State Lands

State Property for Sale

Agency Lands: The Division of State Lands holds title to the lands used by most state agencies, including the Division of Buildings and Grounds, the Department of Prisons, the Division of State Parks, and the Department of Wildlife. Day to day management of these lands is the responsibility of the agency using the land. There are currently about 139,000 acres of "agency lands" statewide. The State Land Office has copies of all land records and will provide information and assistance regarding all state agency lands. All leases, easements and other interests in these lands must be issued through the Division of State Lands. Decatur DMV Office

Sovereign Lands: Upon statehood, Nevada received title to all sovereign lands which are submerged beneath navigable bodies of water. At the present time, the following bodies of water are considered to be navigable:

Lake Tahoe
Washoe Lake
Walker Lake
Truckee River

Carson River
Colorado River
Virgin River

The State owns the beds and banks of these bodies of water, generally up to the ordinary and permanent high water mark. At Lake Tahoe, the State owns the bed of the lake to elevation 6223.0. The State's ownership does not generally extend to wetlands, tributaries, ditches or flood overflows. Any use or disturbance of these lands requires agency authorization. The agency will assist the public to locate the State's ownership boundaries upon request.
Vicee Canyon School Trust Lands

School Trust Lands: At statehood, Nevada received several grants of trust lands from the federal government. Most of those lands have been sold, and now make up a large part of the State's private land base. The State still holds about 3,000 acres of original school trust lands. These lands are assets of the Permanent School Fund, and are required by the State Constitution to be managed or disposed of to generate revenue for the Fund. Vicee Canyon School Trust Lands

Tahoe Basin: The State has acquired many urban parcels of sensitive land in the Tahoe basin. These lands are protected and not available for development or disposal. They are managed to protect Lake Tahoe and its watershed by the agency's Nevada Tahoe Resource Team. Tahoe Urban Lot

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