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   The State Land Use Planning Agency provides technical planning assistance to local governments and other agencies, and represents the state on federal land management activities.

The State Land Use Planning Advisory Council (SLUPAC):  SLUPAC is the agency's advisory board. The Council meets several times a year to discuss land use planning issues. The Governor appoints the seventeen members of SLUPAC, one from each county.

Laws Related to Planning:  The State Land Use Planning Agency also publishes Laws Relating to Planning. This document is a compilation of the Nevada Revised Statutes relating to planning, zoning, land division, planned use development, housing, and other land use planning subjects. The cost for this publication is $30.00.

Download the order form: The 2016 Laws Related to Planning Order Form

In addition to this handy compilation of the laws, the reader may use the Nevada Law Library webpage to research all of the Nevada Revised Statutes, the state's administrative codes, and other information. A search engine on the webpage allows browsers to search the statutes by topic.

Land Use Planning Assistance:  The State Land Use Planning Agency provides technical land use planning assistance to local governments upon request. This assistance is wide-ranging and includes help with community planning, land use and natural resources issues, and development of Public Land Policy Plans.

The State Land Use Planning Agency has compiled
The Planners’ Guide, which provides handy information on master planning, zoning, ethics and procedural topics relative to Nevada.

Recently adopted Master Plans and current ongoing projects include:

Austin Master Plan, Adopted 2009
Floyd Edsall Joint Land Use Study, 2011
Department of Wildlife Sage Grouse Presentation, 2012

Public Land Plans and Policies:  The Agency represents the State's interests on a wide variety of public land management issues. In cooperation with other state agencies and local governments The Carson River throughout the State, staff help develop plans and policies for the use of public lands which are managed by agencies of the federal government.

The State Land Use Planning Agency assists local governments in the update of county level public land policy plans.  These plans provide local governments with a strong voice in federal planning related matters such land use and natural resource plans updates and NEPA reviews for public land development proposals.  The National Environmental Policy Act requires consultation between federal state and local governments. These plans are a major tool in fostering collaboration between various levels of government.

The State Land Use Planning Agency is currently updating various county public land policies. These updates will:

Identify public land-related issues and needs;
Develop a local vision for our public lands and a strong policy voice;
Define related action items to help implement the policies and resolve public land issues.

Recently adopted Public Land Policy Plans and current ongoing projects include:

Elko County
Lander County
Lincoln County
White Pine County

Please Email us about any questions concerning State Land Use Planning issues