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The Nevada Division of State Lands, Nevada Tahoe Resource Team, will be conducting prescribed pile burns at Lake Tahoe to dispose of slash generated by fuels reduction treatments on urban lots. Burning will occur from December 1, 2016 to May 15, 2017, 8:00 A.M. to 5:00 P.M., Monday through Friday when weather and conditions allow. Pile burning is a critical tool in reducing accumulated fuels and restoring fire adapted forests with the goal of lowering fire intensity when fire does occur. For questions or concerns, contact Jeff Haas, NDSL Forester. Phone: 775.684.2743 or email: jhaas@lands.nv.gov.

Nevada Tahoe Resource Team
   The Division of State Lands (DSL) leads the State's programs to protect Lake Tahoe. The Nevada Tahoe Resource Team (NTRT) is an interagency team coordinated by DSL and dedicated to preserving and enhancing the natural environment in the Lake Tahoe basin. The team currently consists of eight members; five from DSL; one from the Division of Forestry; one from the Division of Wildlife; and one from the Division of State Parks.

NTRT is part of the wide network of agencies and groups working in the Tahoe basin to implement the Lake Tahoe Environmental Winter at Lake Tahoe Lake Tahoe - above Sand Harbor

Improvement Program (EIP). The EIP is a ten-year improvement plan that identifies over $900 million in projects and programs needed to improve the environment at Lake Tahoe. The cost of implementing the EIP has been apportioned between the Federal Government, the States of Nevada and California, local governments, and private property owners -- the State of Nevada's commitment is $182 million.

The NTRT is responsible for implementing Nevada's share of the EIP, and is coordinating and implementing a wide range of projects designed to improve water quality, control erosion, restore natural watercourses, improve forest health and wildlife habitat, and provide recreational opportunities. EIP grant funds are available to local governments and some nonprofit groups. 

DSL administers a variety of other Tahoe programs, including two Tahoe bond acts, the Lake Tahoe license plate program, and the excess coverage mitigation program. The Tahoe bond acts approved by the voters in 1986 and 1996 authorized the sale of more than $50 million in bonds for the acquisition of sensitive lands and funding erosion control and stream restoration projects in the Tahoe basin.

The Agency has acquired and retired about 500 parcels of sensitive land. These lands are protected and not available for development or disposal. They are managed to protect Lake Tahoe and its watershed. Management goals include clean water, healthy forests, the reduction of excess fire fuels and hazardous forest conditions, good wildlife habitat, and reasonable public access.

The Tahoe excess coverage mitigation program is funded by excess coverage mitigation fees forwarded from the Tahoe Regional Planning Agency. The objective of this program is to improve the water quality of Lake Tahoe through the retirement of land coverage and restoration of disturbed lands. This program acquires land and land coverage.

Lake Tahoe License Plate Program

Special vehicle license plates to benefit Lake Tahoe are available through the Department of Motor Vehicles. Buyers of these plates pay special fees of $61. Then $30 of those fees, go into a dedicated Lake Tahoe fund, which is administered by DSL for projects and programs that will preserve or restore the natural environment of Lake Tahoe. These funds are available as grants. 

For more information on the application process and submittal deadlines, click HERE.

Edgewood Creek Watershed Assessment

Burke Creek Final Report


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1993 Chapter 355
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