2021 Lake Tahoe License Plate Grants Awarded!

Mar 23, 2021 Lake Tahoe Basin

NDSL is please to announce the 2021 Lake Tahoe License Plate grant award winners. Please see below for a brief summary of these exciting projects taking place within the Lake Tahoe Basin!

  1. Clean up the Lake – Nevada: A SCUBA-Enabled Litter Cleanup in Lake Tahoe, by Clean up the Cayes, a 501(c)3 organization. This is an underwater nearshore litter removal effort of 22 miles of the NV shoreline. It follows on the successful 2020 LTLP grant, Reclaiming Tahoe’s Lakebed, which completed 6 miles of litter clean up on the NV shoreline, and completes the entire NV side of the lake. Litter will again be documented, categorized, and assessed by Clean up the Cayes and the Desert Research Institute.
  2. Lake Tahoe AIS Permanent Station Design, by Tahoe Regional Planning Agency. This project will develop 100% plan design for a permanent Aquatic Invasive Species inspection station, as part of the greater plan design for the SR 28 Central Corridor Improvements – Sand Harbor to Spooner Lake State Park project. Station design plans will include: location ingress/egress off the highway, utility plans, restroom facilities, boat inspection office building, decontamination unit, proper turning radius for boat and tow vehicles, shade structure, and educational kiosk.
  3. Enhanced and Alternative BMPs to Improve Pollutant Load Reductions for TMDL Implementation, by Tahoe Resource Conservation District. This research proposal has two goals: the first is to update existing BMP performance models by incorporating new weather and climate change scenarios; the second is to provide a literature review of existing and new models of BMP design, and offer an assessment of how some of these might best fit the Lake Tahoe environment.