Water Quality and Erosion Control Grant Program

The Water Quality and Erosion Control Grant Program provides funding for the implementation of Environmental Improvement Program (EIP) projects to restore and enhance the Lake Tahoe ecosystem on the Nevada side of the basin. The Fund to Protect Lake Tahoe was established in Chapter 514, Statutes of NV 1999 and authorized $56.4 million through the sale of general obligation bonds for environmental projects that protect the Lake Tahoe Basin. In 2009, the Nevada legislature extended the commitment to the EIP and authorized an additional $100 million over the subsequent 10 years. Proposed projects are evaluated by their benefit to the general public and whether the project will treat stormwater runoff that impacts surface water bodies or Lake Tahoe.

Projects partially funded through the grant program that will be implemented in 2018 include the Pittman Terrace Water Quality Improvement Project and Kahle Water Quality Basin Implementation Project.

Step pools and enhanced fish habitat created through the Third and Incline Creek Restoration project.
Restored mouth of Incline Creek where the channel meets Lake Tahoe. 

Grant Information:

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