Land Portfolio

The Nevada Division of State Lands (NDSL) serves as the "real estate" agency of the state for all agencies except the Legislature, the University System, and the Department of Transportation. The agency holds title to lands and interests in land and has compiled them into this Portfolio so that elected officials, agencies, and members of the public can readily access this information. The main focus of the Portfolio is to define each property’s ownership and asset status. 

The Portfolio does not include sovereign lands. Upon statehood, Nevada received title to all sovereign lands which are submerged beneath navigable bodies of water which currently include Lake Tahoe, Washoe Lake, Walker Lake, Truckee River, Carson River, Colorado River, and Virgin River. 

The Portfolio is a fluid document that reflects the ever-changing status of lands managed by State Lands. In order to ensure the best available information on the status of these lands, State Lands staff conducted interviews of all agencies that have land assigned to them for specific management activities and purposes. Agencies were asked a number of questions about their land needs, existing operations, compatibility issues with adjacent properties, site function constraints and opportunities, and issues with lease or other land restrictions.

2023 State Land Portfolio

Executive Summary of 2023 State Land Portfolio

To view other lands owned and properties leased by the State of Nevada, please visit the State Public Works Division’s Real Property Inventory List webpage.