Sagebrush Ecosystem Program

In November 2012, Governor Brian Sandoval issued Executive Order 2012-19 establishing the Nevada Sagebrush Ecosystem Council recognizing the critical importance of this expansive landscape to the citizens and natural resources of the Silver State, as well as to the 11 western states.

Today, the Sagebrush Ecosystem Program, is an integrated, multi-disciplined, multi-agency effort with a shared goal of addressing the threats and challenges to this critical ecosystem for today and into the future. The Sagebrush Ecosystem Program taps the talents of scientists and range managers, along with their respective agencies—housing them under one roof—to work in tandem to develop innovative solutions in conservation.  The Division of State Lands has one Environmental Scientist III position embedded in the Sagebrush Ecosystem Technical Team.

Please visit the Sagebrush Ecosystem Program homepage for more information.