Nevada Tahoe Program

State Lands leads the state's programs to protect Lake Tahoe. The Nevada Tahoe Resource Team (NTRT) is an interagency team coordinated by State Lands and dedicated to preserving and enhancing the natural environment in the Lake Tahoe basin. The team consists of eight members; five from State Lands; one from the Division of Forestry; one from the Department of Wildlife; and one from the Division of State Parks.

The NTRT is part of the wide network of agencies and groups working in the Tahoe basin to implement the Lake Tahoe Environmental Improvement Program (EIP). The cost of implementing the EIP has been apportioned between the Federal Government, the states of Nevada and California, local governments, and private property owners. In 2009 Nevada re-affirmed its commitment to the EIP authorizing $100 million.

The NTRT is responsible for implementing Nevada's share of the EIP and is coordinating and implementing a wide range of projects designed to improve water quality, control erosion, restore natural watercourses, improve forest health and wildlife habitat, and provide recreational opportunities. EIP grant funds are available to state, local governments, and some nonprofit groups. 

NDSL administers a variety of other Tahoe programs including the Urban Lot Management Program, the NV Lake Tahoe License Plate Program, and the NV Land Bank.