Water Quality and Erosion Control Grant Program

The Water Quality and Erosion Control Grant Program provides funding for the implementation of Environmental Improvement Program (EIP) projects to restore and enhance the Lake Tahoe ecosystem on the Nevada side of the basin. The Fund to Protect Lake Tahoe was established in Chapter 514, Statutes of NV 1999 and authorized $56.4 million through the sale of general obligation bonds for environmental projects that protect the Lake Tahoe Basin. In 2009, the Nevada legislature extended the commitment to the EIP and authorized an additional $100 million over the subsequent 10 years. Proposed projects are evaluated by their benefit to the general public and whether the project will treat stormwater runoff that impacts surface water bodies or Lake Tahoe.

Current projects funded through the Water Quality and Erosion Control grant program are:

  • Lower Wood Creek:  Project includes planning, design, and construction of treatment basins, rock slope protection, and other BMPs in Incline Village to improve water quality and aid Washoe County in achieving Total Maximum Daily Load (TMDL) load reductions. (2023) https://www.washoecounty.us/csd/index.php
Newly installed culvert on Lower Wood Creek.
  • Kahle Complete Street Project:  Project will transform Kahle Drive, in Stateline, NV, into a “complete street” by improving stormwater drainage and treatment, upgrading an outdated water main and hydrants, and repairing wastewater infrastructure.Project will include treatment vaults, increased capacity of drain inlets, curb and gutter improvements, crowning the road correctly, installing maintenance access to the existing basins, and construction of an infiltration basin. (2024) https://ntcd.org/kahle-basin/
  • Asian Clam Monitoring in Sand Harbor State Park: This project with the UC Davis Tahoe Environmental Center will implement underwater surveys for Asian clams in Lake Tahoe Nevada State Park at Sand Harbor to determine recolonization rate following treatment and delineate current extent of the invasive Asian clam populations. (2024) https://tahoe.ucdavis.edu/research

UC Davis TERC diver conducts survey of Asian clams in Sand Harbor State Park.
  • Lower Rosewood Fish Passage Project: The Nevada Tahoe Conservation District will conduct the removal of existing barriers along Rosewood Creek in Incline Village, NV, to allow the movement for spawning of Lahontan Cuthroat Trout and other native fish from the lakeshore to roughly 1.5 miles up the creek. This project will also include two years of post-project monitoring to document effects on native fish recovery. (2024)
  • Cave Rock Water Quality Improvement Project: Project will prevent walk-in visitor access through long-term fencing and repair of existing hillside erosion through a mix of slope stabilization and revegetation in the Cave Rock unit of Lake Tahoe Nevada State Park. The project will also enclose the existing Tahoe yellow cress (TYC) enclosure in the Park to protect the sensitive habitat from human use. (2024)
Protecting recently planted and restored hillside at Cave Rock State Park.

Grant Information:

The Nevada Division of State Lands (NDSL) will be accepting Water Quality and Erosion Control grant applications in Fall 2024. Please contact Chris LaCasse at chris.lacasse@lands.nv.gov for further information.