State Land Use Planning Advisory Council (SLUPAC)

The State Land Use Planning Advisory Council (SLUPAC -NRS 321.740) is the only Governor-appointed council that has a county commissioner representative from each of Nevada’s seventeen counties as well as the Nevada Association of Counties (NACO).  SLUPAC advises the Administrator of the Division of State lands on the development and distribution to cities and counties of information useful to land use and natural resources planning and advises the State Land Use Planning Agency regarding the development of plans and statements of policy.  These activities are closely coordinated with the Governor’s Office.

  • SLUPAC is the state-level avenue for local governments to express concerns or discuss issues related to land use and natural resource planning.

  • SLUPAC members are kept appraised of NEPA projects by the Nevada State Clearinghouse and they are responsible for informing their local officials as part of the outreach process.  NACO also utilizes these Clearinghouse notifications as an additional avenue for outreach to local governments.