State Land Use Planning Agency

The State Land Use Planning Agency (SLUPA) provides technical planning assistance to local governments and other agencies, and represents the state on a wide variety of federal land management activities.  

Land Use Planning Assistance

In cooperation with other state agencies and local governments throughout the state, SLUPA helps develop and update county-level public land policy plans for the use of public lands which are managed by agencies of the federal government.  These plans provide local governments with a strong voice in federal planning-related matters such as land use and natural resource plan updates and NEPA reviews for public land development proposals.  NEPA requires consultation between federal, state and local governments. These plans are a major tool in fostering collaboration between various levels of government.

Recently Adopted Master Plans and current ongoing project include:

Recently adopted Public Land Policy Plans and Current ongoing projects include:

Laws Relating to Planning

SLUPA publishes the “Laws Relating to Planning”.  This document is a compilation of the Nevada Revised Statutes relating to planning, zoning, land division, planned use development, housing, and other land use planning subjects, and is updated after each Legislative session.