The Nevada Land Bank

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The Nevada Land Bank, operated by the Nevada Tahoe Resource Team, assists the Tahoe Regional Planning Agency in mitigating impacts associated with development in the Tahoe Basin by acquiring and permanently retiring or transferring sensitive land coverage to less sensitive land. The Nevada Land Bank also buys and sells Land Coverage and other transferrable rights to the public.

The Nevada Land Bank’s authority falls under NRS 321.001; Chapter 355, Statutes of Nevada 1993, and a Memorandum of Understanding between the Tahoe Regional Planning Agency (TRPA) and the Department of Conservation and Natural Resources, Division of State Lands.

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Land Coverage For Sale

If you have a project in need of Land Coverage you may be able to purchase Land Coverage from the Nevada Land Bank.  Click here for an application for the Purchase of Land Coverage.

Click here to view the pricing schedule to purchase Land Coverage.

Incline Village

  • Potential
    • Classes 1a, 1b, 4, 6
  • Restored Soft Coverage
    • Classes 1b, 6

South Stateline

  • Restored Soft Coverage
    • 1a, 4
  • Restored Hard Coverage
    • 1b

Cave Rock

  • Restored Soft Coverage
    • 1a

Interested In Selling Banked Development Rights?

Please reach out to our Tahoe Land Agent at 775-684-2735 for more information.

 Recent Restoration Projects

Before Restoration: Restoration of a 7.67-acre state-owned parcel at 173 Granite Springs Drive. Treatments: Remove underground utilities, fill in the building pad with native soil, remove a concrete driveway and revegetate the disturbed areas.
During Restoration: Restoration of a 7.67-acre state-owned parcel at 173 Granite Springs Drive.
Contractors transported native soil from a nearby EIP construction project, filled the building pad with soil and graded soils to match the surrounding contours. The NTRT broadcast
seeded the site with native seed and installed Best Management Practices to reduce erosion potential.

The Nevada Land Bank has retired over 600,000 square feet of Land Coverage. Over 2 square football fields or almost 14 acres!

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